Can This Ethereum Betting Site Cash In On The SuperBowl ?

Just in time for the 2018 SuperBowl, Ethereum Gambling Site BlockOdds has sprouted up, attempting to lure betters away from traditional sports book, with counter-party betting built with Ethereum smart contracts. Counter-Party Betting Build On Ethereum Traditional sports books make bets against the house, with spreads and moneylines calculated using proprietary algorithms to ensure a house … Continue reading Can This Ethereum Betting Site Cash In On The SuperBowl ?

Daimler: Bitcoin could solve Africa’s vehicle financing problem

Daimler AG(DAI) found success in India's emerging auto market, but its plans for expansion into Africa may rely on digital financing provided by acquisition of digital payment platform, CashPay.

SEC Documents Reveal, Bitcoin ETFs Will Rely on the TradeBlock XBX Index

On March 11th, after nearly four years, the SEC reaches its deadline to make a rule change that would open the door to publicly traded Bitcoin ETFs. The battle to gain approval for mainstream bitcoin investment has been a protracted process, but the introduction of the TradeBlock XBX Index solves one of the underlying hurdles.