In the days following its listing on the Poloniex exchange, Pascal Coin has risen by a staggering 1400%. The new coin, whose genesis block was minted in early August, was added to Poloniex January 24th. Within a day of being listed, Pascal reached the highest trading volume on the exchange.



From  :

“Pascal Coin is designed to work very similarly to a bank. In a bank, you have ordinal account numbers and on each account you have a transaction ledger (in Pascal Coin it’s called payload)

Address in Bitcoin: 16K3HCZRhFUtM8GdWRcfKeaa6KsuyxZaYk

Account in Pascal Coin: 0-10 or 21926-74 or 132706-50 (Note: Last 2 numbers after “-” are a checksum)

Pascal Coin is basically the same concept, but the difference is that everybody who has a wallet is a P2P node and the accounts safebox is synchronized with other nodes, so it’s impossible to attack the database because all nodes have the database included.”

One thought on “Pascal Coin Soars 1400%

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